Creating a foundation to nurture an empowered life

Katharina is doing groundbreaking work in helping us all remember that we are indeed capable of giving birth on our own terms, with the best of modern medicine to assist us if we need it.

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Welcome to Passionate About Birth, a sacred space, a safe haven in which to explore your unique birth process. Through the process of pregnancy, birth and parenting, women make the journey from maiden to mother, men become fathers, and souls come together as a family. I am here to help you realize your role in this transformative process. Birth is a universal, sacred process, one that equally embraces the Feminine and the Masculine archetypes. All too often, birth is reduced to a medical event at best or, worse, a traumatic, wounding experience for mothers, partners, and children.

I invite you to liberate yourself from this harmful story of birth as a fearful experience, and step fully into your birth process. Be engaged. Be present. Be in your body. Experience the beauty of transformation within the sphere of the sacred.

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